We are known as Nauras, the renowned brand of Traditional Arabian Sandals preferred by nationals of the United Arab Emirates. Headquartered in Switzerland, we operate a group of companies in the UAE, licensed to market the Nauras brand throughout our five major stores across the emirates, as well additional proposed sites within the GCC region.
The Nauras brand traces its origin back to our founders, who made base in the United Arab Emirates back in 1964, and established the company in 1969. The company continues to be a family held enterprise, functioning in full conformance with traditional ways and core values. Today the company has grown in size, stature and prominence with a diverse product line comprising classical and modern designs to suit all tastes. The Nauras brand, which has come to symbolize the traditional Arabian sandals, is specifically designed  to match the local customers' tastes. The sandals are defined as an "Artisana" product, crafted with the highest quality, naturally dyed leather. They are completely hand-made and finished with the highest levels of workmanship.
Nauras sandals have become an essential part of the tradition and lifestyle of every National in the UAE. We strive hard and put out our best efforts at all times to ensure our valued customers the highest quality at the best possible price.
The Board of Directors